Your Journey to Recovery

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What to pack for your stay at NCIC2?

  • Bible

    Daily Devotional (no other books)


    Pen & Highlighters

    Envelops & Stamps

    Book Light

  • Toiletries


    Shampoo & Soap



  • Bedding

    Bed Sheets & Pillow (twin sizes)

    Towel & Blanket

  • Clothing

    Work Clothing and Shoes (Boots, Shoes, and Shower Shoes)

    Church Clothing and Shoes


    Pop Up Hamper or Laundry Bag

    Laundry Soap

  • Extras

    Small amount of cash or Walmart card

    There is a Walmart trip every 2 weeks for any supplies needed

What to expect

Phase 1

  • 90 Day residential program
  • Complete Introduction to the Gospel course through MIT (Ministers in Training)
  • Daily Bible Studies
  • Biblical Counseling
  • Case Management Services
  • Non judgmental loving support to overcome difficult circumstances
  • A restored sense of value from serving others in our Churches & communities
  • Encouragement to obtain employment & integrate back into society after completing program

Phase 2

  • Continued assistance learning to live out their faith in an addiction free life style
  • Strict program guidelines & regular staff counseling
  • Encouragement to seek employment and integrate back into society
  • Establish a savings account to prepare for the future
  • Apply the tools learned in the MIT program to their daily walk and ministry