Ministers in Training

Our hope at NCIC is to provide a good biblical foundation that the men and women in and around the ministry can apply to their lives.  We believe we are all called to serve somewhere and somehow.  This course is designed to bring the Word of God in simplicity to those who dont have the chance to go to bible college.  These classes are written by men in the faith who have graduated Bible College, extensive pastoral backgrounds, or other teaching credentials.

  • tINTRODUCTION to the gospels

    An introduction course to the person and work of Jesus Christ viewed through the sight of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.  A 12 week course that is designed to bring anyone to a more full knowledge of the beginning of the New Testament.  

  • IntroduCTION to bible study techniques and public speaking

    Lights, Camera, Action!  Scary words for some. This class is created to give a basic idea in study helps to "dive deeper" into scripture learning to cross reference, find original word meanings in both Greek and Hebrew and to better navigate the scriptures.  Upon completion of the Bible Study techniques you will then learn to formulate and deliver messages from a 3 min testimony to a 25 minute sermon with confidence!  Learning how to apply basic public speaking knowledge to any aspect of your life will help you overcome the fear of speaking in front of man.  A 12 week course

  • acts of the apostles

    In depth verse by verse study through the book of Acts.  A 12 week course designed to bring a better understanding of the birth of the church,  effective evangelism and a more personal view of the life and work of the Apostles. Highlighting the life of Paul and the role the Holy Spirit plays in the life and ministry of men.